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Toto Torquati in concert
Toto Torquati pianist, keyboard, arranger player of songs by Mina, De Gregori, Lucio Dalla, Gianni Morandi, Claudio Baglioni, Ornella Vanoni, Patty Pravo, Mia Martini, these names would be enough to understand the varying skills of mr.Toto Torquati who has benn working With the best Italian pop stars. This list is not,anywhere,complete other singers include Antonello Venditti,Sergio Caputo,Rino Gaetano,Fiorella Mannoia,Ron and many others. Toto Torquatihas played in the records and live on these singers’tours. Besides,he contributed,often in the background,to the success of songs Such as “PAZZA IDEA” “INCONTRO” “ROMA ROMA ROMA” MAI PRIMA,SABATO ITALIANO,QUESTO PICCOLO GRANDE AMORE etc.

After his classical studies and a thorough period into the jazz(Gato Barieri,Joe Morello,Carlo Loffredo,Bill Coleman,Billy Smith,Albert Nicolas)and a long and meaningful presence in the pop music,Toto has Continued to explore the most different kinds of the sound expression.From Soul to Dance,from Hammond(he was the pioneer and one of the first to play Hammond organ in Italy)to synthesizers.At the Moment he his following an artistic parth which tends to an innovative music research along such a task.He is led by the grear unique “PASSION”of is life,MUSIC. It is for this reson that while he touring around Italy presenting his songs, He his also carrying out a series of “INCONTRI STAGE”with some Schools of Music in Italy.Such meetings aim at showing TODAY’S Young musicians what happened in the field of pop music in the 60’S And 70’S up to now thuorgh the notes of one of the protagonist of those years.

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